Farmerville restaurant honors veterans for 4th of July

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UNION PARISH, La, (KNOE) - One local restaurant honoring our veterans this fourth of July weekend.

In Union Parish, Rhett's Tails and Shells restaurant hosted a dinner and fireworks show out by Lake D'arbonne.

Independence day is a day to celebrate our American freedom and for Rhett Trahan, it's a day to pay respect to those who keep us that way.

"It's an annual event I put on for veterans' benefit. All proceeds go to homeless and help disabled veterans," said Trahan.

He's talking about his annual dinner and fireworks on Lake D'arbonne.

Cooking up some good old Louisiana home cooking, with a special thank you.

Rhett knows what many of these vets go thru.

He's one himself and says the armed forces are one big brotherhood.

"I'm one of the fortunate ones who didn't end up in their situation, Trahan said. Just a little bit of
hope, a little bit of reaching out to these guys can get them back on their feet."

Another member of that brotherhood is James Stewart. He served in the military from 1960 to 1963. Stewart says he was also there to play taps for the show. He says it's something he's been doing since 1950.
"Taps is the last respect that we give to our servicemen," Stewart said.

Stewart says he's traveled all over the world to pay his respects, but not many people take the time out to honor veterans.
"They don't teach history in school anymore so they don't really know what the people did, and what servicemen did for them," said Stewart.

Trahan's hoping bringing the community together can teach that.

"Independence day is all about veterans who allowed us to have that day,” Trahan said. “It's Because they were fighting to free themselves from the Britain colonies that we are here today. It's from the sweat off of their backs."

This is the restaurant's fourth year hosting the event.
Trahan says last year they served over 200 veterans.