Farmerville residents brace for impact ahead of Tropical Storm Barry

FARMERVILLE, La. (KNOE) - With Tropical Storm Barry heading in their direction, people who live in Farmerville are preparing for the possible flooding from Lake D’Arbonne.

Residents near the lake are preparing in the event it floods. / Source: KNOE

After previous floods in 1991 and 2016, they say they are hoping Barry’s impact spares them this weekend.

"I lost both my vehicles and I lost everything in my utility shop. I lost everything in my storeroom. I lost everything in my house," said Monk Anderson.

Anderson has a home almost twelve feet above the ground and is hoping it can withstand the rain after the last flood in 2016.

"I'm just now rebuilding back and look what we have. We have another major storm coming in," said Anderson.

With the threat of flooding, there is a short term solution.

"The tainter gate will do what the engineers said it would do. It will give us relief," said Anderson.

Opening the tainter gate is a gradual process that will slow the possibility of flooding.

"We opened one gate of our spillway earlier this morning, just to get water flowing into D'Arbonne Bayou," said Steve Cagle, Vice President the of Bayou D'Arbonne Lake Commission.

The gate is built with limits that, hopefully, Barry won't breach.

"Only help with five and six-inch rains, we can handle, if we get those ten and twenty-inch rains, nothing helps," said Cagle.

For Anderson, he remains calm before the storm.

"Well, I've got my aluminum boat ready and all I can say is we'll be going back and forth to the highway," said Anderson.