Farmerville flood victim 'furious' with Restore Louisiana

FAMERVILLE, La. (KNOE) - A Farmerville man is furious with Restore Louisiana’s efforts to rebuild his home.

Herman Anderson’s house along Lake D’arbonne was severely damaged by the 2016 Louisiana floods. (Source: KNOE)

Herman Anderson’s house along Lake D’arbonne was severely damaged by the 2016 Louisiana floods. 3 years later, his house is still not fixed.

“My contractor has never told me the truth, not one time,” said Anderson.

Anderson says he’s had a carousel of different contractors, and is now on his 3rd one. TKTMJ Inc. sent subcontractor Dewayne Robinson and his team to begin work on Anderson’s home in mid-June. Since that time, he says his house has become unlivable.

Anderson and his caretaker, Sandra Slaton, have been forced to live in a camper on his property until the work is done.

“All the floors completely cut out of it and it’s gutted. I can’t even get in it. All my furniture is sitting out on the porch and they come in here and throw plywood, didn’t line it up, it has cracks, misadjusted, it’s just all unfair. They just doing ‘shotty’ work,” said Anderson.

In a phone conversation with KNOE 8 News on Monday, a Restore Louisiana representative said Anderson’s home is on schedule to be complete by Friday.

“That’s impossible,” said Anderson.

Restore Louisiana rep Mike Marry visited Anderson’s home Tuesday to tour the damage. A couple hours later, his subcontractor called saying he’d have his house done in three weeks. Anderson estimated the total damage in his home would take at least 2 months to complete.

“They’ve been working on this house for three months and done more than what an average carpenter or helper can do in two days,” said Anderson.

“I just want my house fixed,” said Anderson.

Anderson says he doesn’t want to put the full blame on Restore Louisiana. He says the contractors are equally at fault.

“We would love to have our house, but if they can’t fix it right, take it, total it out, and we’ll put another one there,” said Anderson. “We’d love to be back in our house, but I don’t see any way possible that we will be back in there any time soon.”

We reached out to a Restore Louisiana representative for an update on their visit Tuesday. They have not returned our message at this time.