Richland Parish man claims officers and deputies assaulted him, officer arrested and fired

RICHLAND PARISH, La (KNOE) - Brian Hargiss and his family blame officers and deputies for sending him to the hospital with a fractured jaw and severe pain.

"He was black and blue. He was bruised all the way from his eye and nose, all the way to behind his ear," Dennis Hargiss said.

Brian Hargiss' family says his bruised face is the result of him being kicked punched and battered before he was put in the cruiser by Richland Parish Sheriff's Deputies last month.

"I asked what happened to you and they said he fell, he fell," Dennis Hargiss said.

Hargiss says that's not what happened. He told his family he was hurt again after he was booked at the Richland Parish Detention Center.

"They stripped him naked and threw cold water on him and left him on the cold floor for hours suffering from what he says getting his head bashed in. I'm sorry it was pretty brutal," Dennis said.

Hargiss was arrested for disturbing the peace, but his family says the only ones who broke the law were the deputies and officers who sent him to the hospital.

"They said we need to get you in right away with the surgery. Otherwise, you're looking at possible chronic problems with it for the rest of your life," Dennis said.

Sheriff Gary Gilley says an officer involved was arrested for simple battery. We asked for the officers name. He refused to give it to us.

We asked for more details. He refused that, too.

When we called with more questions, the sheriff would only tell us the officer was already on probation at work, and has been fired.

Hargiss' family says that's not enough.

"It was just dehumanizing. He was treated like an animal, and even that says something because an animal shouldn't be treated that way," Dennis said.

What they want is clear. The family says someone's going to have to be held responsible for this.

"Is to everything he can to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else in the future," Dennis said.

We also asked the sheriff if any of his deputies will face any consequences. He refused to answer that question too. He did, however, say this is something he's going to deal with.

Hear from the victim who plans to take legal action Thursday.