Family hosts candlelight vigil as an outcry to bring missing people home

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OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE) - One Ouachita Parish family said it seems like every day they wake up to the news that someone else in the area has gone missing.

So, they're bringing awareness to this because they know just how it feels to wait for a loved one to come back home.

Happy birthday is only words in a song; it's not how Dennis Atkins' family is feeling.

November 7th is his 36th birthday, but he's not with his family to celebrate. His mother, Francis Mcclain, and his sister Carmen are celebrating without him.

They said he went missing Sept. 18th.

His truck and wallet with cash were found at a business in the Bawcomville area.

"The circumstances under his disappearance are very strange. He was in contact with all of his family up until hours up until he went missing," Carmen said.

According to the sheriff's office's website, Atkins isn't the only missing person still waiting to be found.

"The more I look into my brother's disappearance, the more I hear from other families who have missing persons in this same area," Carmen said.

Which is why they're also lighting this night up with a blazing message.

"All the mom and papas, I feel your pain, and I'm sharing this awareness to all of you and your prayers are in my prayers," his mother said.

They said vigils like this could spark a flame and hope to help you find your loved one.

The family said a man in question was arrested, but only on drug charges.

If you know anything about Atkins, the family wants you to call anonymously (318)-450-0050 or call the police.