Monroe family shaken up after tree falls on home

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MONROE,La. (KNOE)- Colisa Alexander-Blunt and her husband Michael lost their home during the 2016 flood. Now, they fear they might lose another after a tree fell on their front yard during Thursday’s severe storms.

“It’s devastating, it was like hurtful,” Colisa Alexander-Blunt said.

Alexander-Blunt says they are reliving a nightmare.

"It's just bad it's just terrible, it’s just bringing more stress on us," said Alexander-Blunt.

Alexander-Blunt says she got an uneasy feeling when she left to go pick up her oldest daughter.

"It was a big limb in my driveway at first. I saw the big limb and was just think 'Oh I hope this tree don't fall," she said.

When she got back, she saw a tree toppled over on the front of their house.

“The whole front part of the house all the way up to the fire place," she said. "The whole side of her roof is just caved in."

As he walked the property, Michael Blunt couldn’t believe what he saw.

"I'm just worried about trying to get it back ready so my family can be comfortable you know what I'm saying,” Blunt said.

The damage has forced them to live in a motel for the past week. On Saturday, they came back home to discover they were robbed. Food, jewelry and gifts for their daughter were taken from the house.

Now, the Blunts find themselves on Easter weekend trying to figure out their next move. Nonetheless, they say there is still something to be grateful for

"My wife and kids weren't in the house or in the car at the time that is happened. Everybody safe so you know that's a good that to go by,” said Blunt.

The Blunts say Monroe city workers are looking to see if the tree was on private or city property. Meanwhile, Michael Blunt says his job is paying for their motel fees for the next seven days.