Update: Facebook, Instagram connectivity problems resolved

Published: Mar. 13, 2019 at 12:08 PM CDT
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The Great Facebook / Instagram Outage of 2019 appears to be over. On Thursday, Facebook said the outages over the past day were the result of a "server configuration change."

Facebook and its network of apps suffered connectivity issues for more than six hours on Wednesday. The problems started around 11 a.m. CST and were believed to be affecting people all over the world. During the outage, Facebook and Instagram appear to be loading very slowly or not at all. WhatsApp is also affected. The outages affected countless users and advertisers worldwide.

Messaging services were also affected. Individual users were able to post sporadically throughout the outage. KNOE was finally able to post just after 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Facebook said the outage was not due to a dedicated denial of service attack.

A dedicated denial of service attack, or DDoS attack, is when someone floods a website with fake traffic causing the site's performance to suffer when there are not enough resources for real traffic.


, tens of thousands of people reported connectivity problems to the site.

Some users reported seeing a message that the social media site was down for maintenance. This message said Facebook would be back in a few minutes, but the problems persisted for much of the day.

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