Enterprise residents scared for their health

ENTERPRISE, La. (KNOE) - "The sulphur smell was originally the worst problem," says Robert Borth of Enterprise, La. "The discoloration comes and goes... If they have a white t-shirt to give me, I say, 'No, I don't want it. I live in Enterprise.'"

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

The people of Enterprise are living with more than just discolored, smelly water.

In April, a group from Tulane University took water samples in Enterprise. It turns out that the brown water is contaminated with fecal bacteria, with one home showing more than 400 times the safe amount of the bacteria that develops in the human intestine.

There is also a cancer-causing chemical that forms when chlorine is added to already-contaminated water.

"Disgusting. Disgusted. It's a sad shape of affairs, basically," says resident John Tiser, holding a water bottle filled with brown water poured from his home's pipes.

Tiser, Borth and other volunteers are planning to ask the police jury and other government officials to come up with a plan of action for Enterprise.

"Today was a follow-up meeting to get people to work together to go wherever we need to to get emergency funding or help for our water system," says Jodie Vinsen.