Emergency response programs, tools keeping Louisiana Tech students safe in threatening situations

RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - Lousiana Tech has several emergency response programs and tools to keep students and faculty safe and informed during potentially threatening situations like an active shooter.


Most students said they feel safe on campus, but there’s always the fear of the unknown.

"You never know but I think Louisiana Tech is a very good school to go to and a very safe place for incoming students from all over the world," said Chloe Campbell, LA Tech student.

The campus police department does mandatory safety presentations and meetings with first-year students during summer orientation. They also hold presentations for student organizations and students at the beginning of fall quarter.

Campus Police Chief Randal Hermes said the programs and tools work together to keep everyone safe around the community.

"If we can help teach people to keep themselves safe it'll make our community safer and so that's why we do all the programs that we do," said Hermes.

Not only that - the campus has an automated alert system for everything from severe weather to crime. Keeping students updated instantly via email and text message. Students must enroll themselves if they would like to receive alerts.

Another student told us the emergency alert system kept them in the loop during a missing person warning.

"We knew about it within seconds, everybody that's in the email they email you text you everything to keep you updated," said Demetrius Elmore, LA Tech student.

The campus also has emergency call system towers throughout campus, with the push of a button dispatch is readily available.
Another student said the small campus encourages a safe environment for everyone.

"They all just work together and like everybody is a family, I don't see hatefulness all the time," said Ashlynn Vidrine, LA Tech student.
Campus police encourage faculty and students to always be aware of their surroundings.

"Prevention is the key to this whole thing so observing and recognizing concerning the behavior of individuals whether its students or staff and how to report that," said Hermes.

The campus police department also does its own training monthly on various scenarios.