Earth Oven Cooking at Poverty Point World Heritage Site

Epps, La. (KNOE) A cooking demonstration at the Poverty Point World Heritage Site in West Carroll Parish shows how early settlers prepared meals.

An old-world cooking demonstration held at Poverty Point World Heritage Site. | Photo: Tammi Arender - KNOE

The inhabitants at the property near Epps, Louisiana used what's referred to as an earth oven. It was a hole dug in the ground and fish or wild game was wrapped in sycamore leaves before placed on a heat source.

"That heat source was conducted through wood and what we call Poverty Point objects," said Mark Brink, an interpretive ranger at Poverty Point. "These objects were formed through materials in this area and look similar to our modern day briquettes."

Poverty Point World Heritage Site offers the visitors the opportunity to study the culture of area inhabitants from 1600 to 1100 BC. The $4 admission fee provides access to the area museum, video, hiking trail, driving tour, tram tour (when in season) and any interpretive events taking place at the site.