Drax Biomass relocating HQ to Monroe

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Drax Biomass has announced that it is relocating its base of operations to Monroe. While it is unclear whether this will create new jobs within the company itself, it will bring more jobs to our area by moving existing jobs from Atlanta to the Monroe area. It is possible that jobs for which current employees decline to relocate will be open to local residents.

In a press release sent to KNOE, the company said the following:

“In order to shift to a more operationally focused business model, Drax Biomass will move its headquarters to Monroe, Louisiana, from Atlanta, Georgia. The relocation will position our headquarters closer to our three pellet plants and port facility in the Gulf region of Louisiana and Mississippi.
We want to continue to have a robust and reliable biomass business, providing high-quality, low-cost, sustainable wood pellets, with 30% self-supply to Drax Power. These changes will enhance our ability to reach these objectives. This decision is the logical next step to maximize cost efficiency and enhance our ability to operate in the U.S. Gulf states.
By sustaining good quality jobs, our industry is playing an important role in the communities in which we operate. This is a core principle for us – and our relocation strengthens that commitment.  We look forward to being closer to the forests we depend upon, our suppliers and partners in the community.”

Pete Madden, President and Chief Executive Officer of Drax Biomass