"Get a Game Plan" | NELA Preparing for Tropical Storm Gordon

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Tropical Storm Gordon is expected to reach hurricane status. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said that it expects Gordon to be a hurricane when it reaches coastal Mississippi and Louisiana sometime late Tuesday.

Officials are urging people to prepare for Tropical Storm Gordon.

Louisiana officials are pushing residents to "Get a Game Plan" in place as soon as possible.

Governor John Bel Edwards hosted a press conference Monday evening. During the discussion, he asked residents to remain calm but urged them to get a game plan.

"Nobody should think that we're out of the woods," Edwards said. "It's very important for people across Louisiana if they haven't done so, to update their emergency plans now."

They are encouraging people to stock up on water, canned goods, flashlights, and batteries. People can also download the "Get a Game Plan" app. It helps residents make useful plans to for home, businesses, and hospitals. People can also use the app to mark themselves safe during severe weather.

On the other hand, Monroe council members are asking residents to prepare before the rain hits. Michael Echols cleaning ditches should be everyone's priority at the moment.

"One: If you can go on out, look and check and see if there's any debris on any grates, on or near the street," Echols said. "Two: If you see water piling up call the city. Let us know."

Echols is also urging people not to forget the saying, "Turn Around, Don't Drown." He says "Don't drive your truck or car into the water thinking you can make it through. That's a dangerous situation."

Governor Edwards says his office does expect some businesses and schools to announce its closure over the next couple of days.