Dog found chained to scooter, set out with trash in Jackson

"She is heartworm positive & she had some intestinal worms, but we are working on getting all that treated- the heartworms as soon as she is healthy enough." (Source: Cheshire Abbey)
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A young pup is recovering after being chained up to a scooter and set out with trash at a house in Jackson.

At around midnight on Monday morning, local animal rescue organization, Cheshire Abbey, was contacted about a dog that was chained up to a Razor scooter and set out alongside some trash in front of a home on Fairview Street.

According to Executive Director Chrissy Cheshire, a woman saw the pup chained there during a rainstorm while she was out riding on a four-wheeler earlier in the night.

The woman went back to her car and rescued the dog. Cheshire says the woman had to take the scooter as well because the dog was padlocked to it.

“We had to cut her collar off. This sweet girl is literally skin, bones, and hair,” Cheshire wrote to her followers on Facebook.

The pup was taken to the vet and Cheshire says she is doing well.

“She is eating small meals because her stomach was so small. Dr. Cefalu guessed she is about 1.5-2 years old.”

The vet also determined she is heartworm positive and had some intestinal worms. She is currently being treated for the conditions.

Cheshire Abbey has received over $4,000 in donations towards the dog so far. Cheshire says she is planning to contact the authorities to find those responsible for the animal.

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