Derby winner's poop in a jar sells for $200

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LEXINGTON, KY People come to old friends farm and they all want to see this guy.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

"Silver charm. Want a carrot?" says Natpop Michael.

Whether you're trying to give him a carrot or pay him a compliment, it seems everyone has their reason to meet silver charm.

And one person's reason, was poop.

"He said, will you let me come out and get some of silver charm's poop?" says Michael Blowen, thoroughbred retirement president.

The man behind the poop is artist Coleman Larkin.

"You gotta get'em fresh," says Larkin. "That's super importain. You gotta have that nice shape."

Larkin puts the preserved pieces in mason jars. Just don't ask him how he does it.

"oh yeah, it's top secret," says Larkin. "I don't want any of my competitors in the turd jarring industry to find out how to do this."

And if you're wondering who would sell this, look no further than "Kentucky for Kentucky."

"It's horsemade here in Kentucky which is very unique and how many things you can buy that are horsemade and handmade," says Whit Hiler.

The price is steep: $200. However, part of that money goes to old friends, who are also thinking about future poop possibilities.