Lincoln Parish deputies remember fallen K9, Boco

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LINCOLN PARISH, La, (KNOE) - Deputies are mourning the death of a fellow officer.

One of their K9s, Boco, was killed in the line of duty on Saturday.

Deputy Chad Caskey has been a K9 officer for 3 ½ years, but he's never dealt with a K9 death.

"He was one of us,” said Caskey. “A lot of people look at it 'Well he was just a dog' no. He was a deputy just like every other person in this department."

"A little more comfortable I would say, having a partner knowing that somebody's got my back until other human deputies can arrive,” Caskey said. “And I know that anytime that I need something or if I'm in trouble, he's just a button push away."

Saturday, a Lincoln Parish deputy lost his K9 partner while hunting down Vincent Roberson. Roberson was wanted in Monroe after police say he shot his girlfriend in the head on Friday.

Boco was ordered to follow him. Moments later, they heard gunshots.

"It's like losing any officer,” Justin Blondin said. “Working with Boco, he was one of those dogs when you watched him work; you wanted your dog to get to that level."

Blondin is also a K9 officer who has never gone through such a loss. But they know how to remember this fallen K9.

"The bond you develop with those dogs is second to none,” said Blondin. “You're with those dogs pretty much more than you are with your own family. So you have them with you 24/7. He's like another one of my kids."

Chief Deputy Stephen Williams says they're planning a memorial for Boco and deputies will honor the fallen K9 with their badges.

"Starting tomorrow you will be seeing deputies with the black band, the memorial badges in honor of him," Williams said.

Honoring their officer Boco, who they say did his job just like any other deputy would have.

"To me, he saved three officers' lives that night," said Caskey.

Roberson is charged with animal cruelty. The sheriff's office says he's not charged for killing an officer, because in Louisiana animals are not recognized as officers.