Democrat in Louisiana secretary of state runoff was surprise

Kyle Ardoin (R) and "Gwen" Collins-Greenup (D)
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BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Democratic candidate Gwen Collins-Greenup reached the December runoff in Louisiana's secretary of state race with little money and no backing from her party.

Still, she faces difficult odds to win the office in the Dec. 8 showdown against Republican Kyle Ardoin, who's working as interim secretary of state.

GOP candidates combined received support from 61 percent of voters in Tuesday's open primary, suggesting Ardoin has the advantage.

Democratic Party leaders, meanwhile, were struggling to explain how Collins-Greenup reached the runoff at all, instead of the party's endorsed contender, Renee Fontenot Free, a top aide to two former secretaries of state.

Collins-Greenup, a lawyer and notary from East Feliciana Parish, raised less than $3,000. She did no widespread advertising. But she traveled Louisiana attending events and seeking support from African-American voters.

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