Current Farms in Marion, Louisiana is permaculture operation

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MARION, La - (KNOE) “Turkeys gobble, chickens crow”

It’s a cacophony of sounds on Current Farms in Marion, Louisiana. The turkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese all create a soundtrack for Conrad and Kaden Cable.

“Not what can the land not what can we take from the land but what does the land have to offer. It’s a different mindset,” said Conrad Cable.

The brothers are involved in what’s called permaculture. “The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.”

“We want to demonstrate how if ten percent of the population grows food for ten people we have solved the hunger crisis,” said Cable.
So they operate, what they call, a beyond organic farm on 11 acres. Not only focusing on raising poultry with a full-fledged hatchery, but also a huge vegetable and edible flower garden.

“That’s the biggest turnips I’ve ever grown,” said Kaden Cable.
Kaden, who is affectionately called Tuna, and Conrad started one of the first CSA’s in northeast Louisiana. That’s Community Supported Agriculture. Where consumers pay them at the beginning of the growing season and get a weekly box of their produce and fresh eggs.
“I hope they walk away with a certain gratitude and they’re thankful to have good nutritious food,” said Kaden “Tuna” Cable.

“It’s important to retain the soil structure. ”

They incorporate a no-till philosophy in their garden. Using only what looks like a farmer’s pogo stick to plant their seeds. They also rotate the animals around the land to give the soil and its nutrients a chance for restore itself.

“This is where all the chickens and turkeys were then we reseeded it.”
And nothing is wasted. Chicken manure and raked leaves create mulch slash fertilizer. And even loose feathers are picked up and their mother creates beautiful artwork on them.

The brothers still work a ‘day job’ with their father, making remotes for welders all over the country. But it’s definitely the passion for providing hand-picked products, compliments of mother nature that keeps them together.

“It’s more than a hobby. It’s more than our millennial side hustle. “It’s really a lifestyle,” said Conrad Cable.

“It makes you feel better in your body and your soul. It’s an honor to provide somebody with that service,” said Tuna Cable.

You can join the Current Farms CSA by going to their Facebook page, They also sell their goods at the Ruston Farmer’s Market each Saturday. Their phone number is 318-267-9817.