Crime in Bastrop leaves some people there feeling unsafe

BASTROP, La. (KNOE) - Sunday’s shooting in Bastrop is the third in a series of major crimes that have happened in the past few weeks there. It's leading some people to question just how safe Bastrop really is.

"I recently left Bastrop due to the fact that the crime is so bad." One Bastrop woman left her home of 57 years. Two months after moving, she says she still feels unsafe. So much so, she didn't want to be identified.

"I want to be able to go to bed and know that no one is going to come near me."

On October 30th, Demontrail Lollie was shot and killed in front of his Bastrop home. On November 4th, a five-year-old girl's death led to a homicide investigation. On Sunday, a man was injured in a shooting on East Madison Avenue.

Mayor Henry Cotton says that's not normal. "We are one of the safest cities in Louisiana if you just do a study on the statistics,” he says. “Don't judge us on what's been happening the last two or three weeks."

However, this Bastrop woman disagrees. "It's nothing to look down on the ground. You're going to either see pills, you may see a syringe." She says that's what's leading to bigger problems. "Kids are killing kids, and that's not right. That's wrong," she says.

Mayor Cotton says that's something that can't be fixed with more police officers. "The answer starts at home, schools, drop out problems," he says.

Until the problem is fixed, this woman is staying away. "I love Bastrop. It's my home, but I will not be back... and I hate that," she says.