Monroe library damaged in crash involving a school bus

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A public library was damaged in an accident involving a school bus.

Source: KNOE

It happened around 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon at the Carver-McDonald Branch Library at 2941 Renwick Street.

According to Monroe City Schools Child Welfare Director Sam Moore III, the school bus driver was making a turn and appears to have temporarily passed out. The bus then hit two parked vehicles. One of the vehicles was pushed toward the library. The door of the library appears to have been smashed in by the crash. A silver vehicle that was hit sustained heavy damage.

Carver-McDonald Branch Library is near Carroll High School and Carroll Jr. High. It is a branch of the Ouachita Parish Public Library.

Moore says 17 students from the high school and jr. high were on the bus at the time of the crash. None of the students were injured. He says parents have been contacted and were placed on other buses.

"We're fortunate. Thank God that there appear to be no injuries. The kids seem to be all fine," Moore said.

Deborah Smith-Lovejoy, a paraprofessional with Carroll High School says the students acted fast when they realized the driver was unconscious.

"Some of them said when the bus stopped they just pulled that emergency [brake] and got out, I thank them for quick thinking," Smith-Lovejoy said.

The bus involved in the crash has the number 216 on the side.

Ouachita Parish Public Library Communications Coordinator Danielle Kelley Tolbird tells KNOE that no library staff or patrons inside were injured. She says the Carver-McDonald Branch Library is closed until further notice. All other branches are open for regular hours.