Country Singer Dylan Scott shoots new music video in Bastrop area

BASTROP, La. - (KNOE) Dylan Scott’s new music video has a purpose. It’s a chance to share some of the things he loves about being raised in northeast Louisiana.

"I co-wrote 'Nothing to Do Town' with a couple of buddies of mine. It's always special to write with your friends and have a single with your friends. This song being about where I grew up it's even more special,” said Scott.

Besides the mudding and duck hunting there is also dining at ‘PT’s Eat a Bite’. Andy Gladney, owner of PT’s, says he was thrilled to be a part of video.

“In the video where I’m shaking his hand, he was like Hey Andy do you mind if I shoot a video here. It’s good that he can be as young as he is from here do well for himself then come back and do so much at such an early stage in his career. Shows really good character,” said Andy Gladney, owner of PT’s Eat a Bite in Bastrop.

Dylan’s dad, Scotty Robinson and his friends meet here every morning. It wasn’t ‘for the video”.

“A lot of people just go off and they don’t ever think about where they were raised up,” said Jimmy Smith PT’s patron.

“Yeah, I’ve had a lot of people say I’ve seen you!” said Richard Williams, PT’s patron.

For Juanita Helling, a waitress at PT’s for ten years, she’s a rock star with her kids, now that she’s in a country music video.

“My kids are more excited than I am. They love it,” said Helling.
For Dylan, it’s a chance to show the world how much he loves his affectionately called “nothing to do town.”

“It’s not a negative thing. I loved growing up in a nothing to do town. People come up and say what do you do there? There’s a lot to do here. So that’s what we’re going to show them in the music video.”

"Nothing To Do Town" will be released to country radio stations nationwide on January 14, 2019. The music video is already available on YouTube and Dylan Scott's Facebook page.