Hands put together for prayer and peace following Charlottesville attack

MONROE, La (KNOE) - Local reaction struck following the Virginia attack Tuesday night in Monroe.
Several people came out to honor victims from that deadly attack.

"Some days you wake up and you think, 'My God, what year is it? 2016 or 1960 something,'" Melissa Jeanne Byers said.

What happened in Virginia hits home because that's where she's from.
Tuesday she was at the Ouachita Parish Courthouse with a message.

"Please please study your history. It will repeat itself it you don't study your history" Byers said.

She's wasn't alone. Many students, local activists and professors all came out for a vigil to honor the victims of the attack.

"We need to stop being silent about the history of our country and the history of our state," said Evelyn Maguire, a local activist.

History seemed to be another theme of the night.

"Martin Luther King said for evil flourish, the only thing that will allow that to happen is for good men to remain silent," Kathy Gray.

The signs were also trying to get a point across.
Hands were held tight as many shared their life stories of being discriminated against and their solutions on how to end hate and division in America."

"We say a pledge of allegiance to a flag, and we say that we are one nation under god, indivisible," Byers said.

Several local Civil Rights groups all came together tonight to help bridge a gap in our community.
They say it won't be the last time they do.