Columbia man saves Texas family from flooded house

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a Caldwell Parish man is credited with making a serendipitous rescue in Texas.

Nolan Greenwood says he went to Orange, Texas on Wednesday to aid rescue efforts during widespread flooding. There, he and fellow rescuers came upon a single father and his one-year-old triplets trapped in their home.

"It was actually pretty touching," Greenwood said. Touching because the family is a mirror image of his own.

He is also a single father of triplets.

"I know the struggle of everyday life. It's all about paying it forward. That's the bottom line," he said.

So Greenwood said he was prepared to do whatever it took to get the family safe, "We decided to make it our mission."

"We were able to load them up and take them out to high ground where they could be shipped to Lafayette or Alexandria," Greenwood said.

Mission complete.

Greenwood says he lost his wife around this time last year. David Dickey, his best friend of 30 years, said being a single dad with triplets has been really tough for him. "It's pretty emotional, man. I'm trying not to be a big baby on camera."

Dickey says the encounter was more than just luck, "What are the odds? It's divine intervention. If that's not the definition of divine intervention I don't know what is."

"They were ready to get out of there. They had no electricity for couple of days. I think yesterday was their second day without electricity. So they were grateful to get out," Greenwood said.

And Greenwood is grateful to them. He says the family saved him too.

"It doesn't matter your color, your race. None of that matters out here. The whole point is to love your neighbor and get people out," Greenwood said.

Afterward, he took to Facebook asking whether anyone knew the dad. Several people said they want to help the family get back on their feet.

Greenwood said he and his family helped save six people in one day.

And he said they aren't done yet.