College student fees set to increase this spring across Louisiana

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Student fee increases have been approved and will go up at many Louisiana colleges.

ULM, Louisiana Tech, and Grambling State University are among that group.

The University of Louisiana System gave the green light for the increase at eight of nine of its universities. This also comes after the LSU and Southern University Systems already increased their student fees earlier this year.

UL System President Dr. Jim Henderson says the schools were asked to explain their need for it.

"We asked our colleges and universities to come to us with a strategic reinvestment if they were going to propose fee increases," said Henderson.

He also says, "Each university took a different approach based on their student mix and their program mix."

The hike will raise an extra $9 million across the UL System schools.

It's designed to help with faculty pay raises, expanded student services, technology upgrades, and more course offerings.

The changes include adding $10 per every credit hour for each ULM student.

"$10 doesn't seem like a bunch to me and if it's going to a good cause like raises and other fundings in the school. I think it would be worth it," said Taylor Hughes, a ULM student.

Meanwhile, Louisiana Tech students will also have to pay an extra $90 more for every credit hour, about eight hours.

Grambling will charge another $100 for per semester, per student, for a technology fee.

Henderson knows they're trying to put students first.

He says, "It's important that we work to keep costs as low as possible for students. We know educational attainment in Louisiana is the future for Louisiana and because we had some stability, we were able to keep tuition fee increases to the lowest amount in a decade and we hope to maintain stability for students."

It's anticipated $500,000 out of that $9 million will also go toward needed-based aid for students.