Classroom Cribs: Wossman High School

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News
Courtesy: KNOE 8 News(KNOE)
Published: Mar. 12, 2020 at 7:22 AM CDT
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Justin Overacker oversees the Educators Rising program at Wossman High School, where students are learning what being a teacher is all about.

However, planning lessons, communicating with students, and giving feedback aren't the only parts other job they're learning.

"For example, bias, equity, a teacher's power dynamic over students," says Overacker. "There are positives to it, but there's also truth."

Jalisa Garth says she's grateful for the Educators Rising program because it's giving her experience she can't get anywhere else.

"It's way better than being in regular class," says Garth. "Because now when I'm in regular class I'm thinking about what everyone's supposed to be doing, looking at how students are reacting to everything, and so it just opens your mind to different things you never thought about."

Damarcus Washington says his experience in this program has been a game changer. He now realizes that there's more to being a teacher than meets the eye.

"The teachers get to know the kids," says Washington. "I didn't know teachers should know the kids, I just thought they teach, but they do know the kids and we have fun."

Overacker says he hopes this program will encourage students to one day return to Wossman, giving back to future generations what was given to them.

"All they have to do is enter the classroom," says Overacker. "They'll know all the history of Wossman and that's all that matters."

Just a few doors down, students are conquering their fear of public speaking.

"You have to go through it to get out of it," says Rica Arrington.

Arrington says she used to be scared of public speaking. That is, until she started studying poetry and literature at Wossman.

English Teacher Melanie Sognier says there's other benefits to the class too.

"It prepares them for the ACT, and prepares them in various objectives, and drawing conclusions," says Sognier.

Sognier says there's nothing she loves more than seeing her student's progress, but students say they owe it all to Sognier.

Good teaching, motivation and inspiration are helping these students go the distance., proving that no goal is out of their reach.

It also earned Wossman High School a special feature on Classroom Cribs.