Classroom Cribs: Carroll High School

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News
Courtesy: KNOE 8 News(KNOE)
Published: Mar. 13, 2020 at 7:21 AM CDT
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After 24 years of military service, Reginald Williams was far from finished.

"I retired an came straight here to Carroll High School," says Williams.

Now, Williams dedicates his time to teaching students in Carroll's Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program. Williams was in ROTC in high school and college. He says people often associate it with marching and drilling, but he says it's so much more.

"We teach them things such as health," says Williams. "We teach them how to take notes, how to interact with people, and self discipline."

And it's paying off. I talked with students in the program and some were very honest about their experience.

"At I first I just joined to get out of P.E.," says Abnernesha Johnson. "But now I love it because I got into it and fell in love with it."

To this day, Shakira Ethridge doesn't regret joining ROTC. She says the program has taught her discipline, but that's not all.

"Leadership, being an officer is fun because it feels good to have kids under you who want to be what you are and in your position," says Ethridge.

Meanwhile, other students at Carroll are becoming job ready, with the school's Medical Magnet Program.

"This is a stepping stone for them," says Instructor Rosalind Loyd-Chisley. "We want them to take our courses here and then use it to further their education."

Loyd-Chisley says the program is helping students stay one step ahead and students agree.

"It gives you a solid foundation," says Ajayia Augustine. "We've traveled to different clinics to get hands on experience with people and how to treat people and so it gives you time to prepare."

Phillipe Price says the Medical Magnet Program has been a great training ground.

"I actually want to be a neurosurgeon and I fell like the courses I've already taken have built enough strength inside of me to push forward,

says Price.

Speaking of pushing forward, Carroll's robotics team is doing just that!

"Right now we're preparing for the bi-regionals for out first robotics competition, which will happen in Kenner next month," says Instructor Shirley Neal.

Neal says students are building robots from the ground up.

"They're learning teamwork, how to problem solve, how to work through the process of figuring out what works and what doesn't work, what we need to do and what we may need to rethink, so it's been challenging but fun," says Neal.

Miles Goldman admits, it was overwhelming at first, but he says the hard work is paying off.

"It gives you hope," says Goldman. "You learn that you can do a lot more if you put your mind to it and put all your energy into it, so it makes your proud of yourself for what you're capable of doing."

Students at Carroll are proving that dreams are worth chasing, if you're willing to try.

It's also why Carroll High School has earned a special feature on Classroom Cribs.