Cajun Tree Cutters mapping out plans for Michael recovery efforts

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A Monroe man hopes to lend a helping hand to those in Florida.

Troy Cage, the owner of "Cajun Tree Cutters" is making plans.

Cage has been to many disaster areas including New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina. He helped with debris hauls and cleanups at that time.

Although Hurricane Michael is a different story, he's more than willing to help.

He doesn't have a specific place in mind, but he's hoping to go anywhere that was in Michael's path.

The memories of recent disasters still linger into his mind, even as he gets ready for Florida.

"It's rough area. You know the people you deal with, hearing their stories is heartbreaking, the things you see. It's rough, it is. You gotta be prepared for it. That's why I'm talking with my family, my sons because you know they've never been around the devastation like what's going to be in Florida."

Cage is also awaiting word from his insurance companies. That way he can be cleared before heading to Florida.