CNN must see animal videos for Monday, March 13th

CNN Van Adorable Monkey Drinks From a Straw Cup
This adorable pet monkey loves to drink from her turtle straw cup. We’re suddenly very thirsty after watching her drink the refreshing beverage. Credit: Teresa Bullock via Storyful

Cat Gets Snake Stuck Up Its Nose
Marian the cat loves getting up to all sorts of mischief like getting a snake stuck up her nose. Credit: natemanafter via Storyful

Avalanche Rescue Dog Doesn't Need a Sled
This pooch works smarter, not harder. Avalanche rescue dog Truckee has to be the first responder in a crisis, meaning that speed is important. Credit: Chris Child via Storyful

French Bulldog Struggles to Catch Tasty Treats
Oscar the cute French bulldog simply cannot catch food. No matter how much he practices, his attempts are almost always futile! The video of his efforts, which was originally posted to Facebook, has racked up almost 40,000 views since being posted on March

Mountain Rescue Dog Has Fun Sliding on Snow in Lake Tahoe
Truckee, a 6 year old American Black Labrador, took a long slide down Heavenly Mountain in California’s Lake Tahoe on Thursday, March 9. He is the senior dog of the mountain’s Avalanche Rescue Dog Program, and simply loves to have fun in the snow.