Budgeting for High Utilities

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MONROE, La (KNOE) - How do we budget for fluctuating utility bills?
Cold or Hot our utility bills can vary greatly from month to month. The key is to find the balance between the electricity, gas and water bills.

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Do you recommend levelized billing?
Yes, if you qualify for this benefit it will certainly make budgeting easier. If your electric bill, gas bill and water bill are the same amount each month this will allow the budget to be more precise.

If someone doesn't qualify for levelized billing, how should they budget for utilities?
Budget for a good average of the utility bills and when the bill is less than budgeted for put the difference in savings to cover the months when it may be a little more than what you budget for.

What are some other tips in regards to utilities?
Pay attention to each monthly bill and if the bill is a good bit higher than normal then you will want to call the company to come out and have them check for a water leak and to be sure the meter is working correctly.