Brokers of Hope: New project helps struggling families in Union Parish

"Brokers of Hope" is designed to help families in crisis.
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UNION PARISH, La. (KNOE) - Two agencies are partnering to bring hope to struggling families in Union Parish. The Center for Children and Families and The Post Family Foundation have kicked off the 'Brokers of Hope' project.

Glen Post, the former Centurylink CEO, says the family wants to help improve the quality of life in Union Parish. The project is designed to bring hope to those families in crisis.

"If there's a counseling need, we'll provide that, or for food or an electric bill," Post said. "We'll be looking for those families who truly are in need."

Chris Ramsey is CCF Chief Learning officer. He says a third of children in the Union Parish area struggle to meet day to day needs.

"We know the need exists and, so we're in the court systems, we're in the foster homes, we're in juvenile justice settings to bring change," Ramsey said.

Ramsey says they will be working with resources already available in the parish. He says many families do not know what local support is available or how to go about getting it.

"Having an outpouring like this from the community, where we have dozens and dozens of people saying, 'I want to help. I have the resources,' means the world to us," Ramsey said.

Teachers, church members, and community leaders attended the meeting to figure out ways they can help. Post says their goal is to end generational poverty.

Ramsey says they also want to help families in crisis with their mental health.

"We know that a lot of children and the families that we work with are dealing with suicidal ideations, depression, disorders, and addiction," Ramsey said.

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