Better weather the next few days

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A lot of damage is being reported around the region, trees and power lines down, major structural damage and several tornadoes.

The national weather service has sent teams out but frankly there's so much damage to be surveyed it could be a couple days before we find out the exact strength of the tornadoes, and the count could definitely go up.

As far as the severe weather goes we're out of the woods now as this squall line has shifted eastward, but there could be major flooding issues in New Orleans as well as Biloxi/Gulfport as these storms continuously move over the same area.

In terms of rainfall, we were just shy of measuring 1.5 inches but areas towards Tallulah measured around 2 inches between yesterday evening and this morning.

Tonight we're going get a little cool as temperatures drop to around 40, and then tomorrow it's going to be quite windy as surface high pressure builds in behind the front.

Now we're looking at sunny skies tomorrow but we could have some clouds move overhead if we get low level convergence on the back side of the strong mid-lattitude low in the plains.

We will hopefully get into the 60s, but with the wind its going to feel quite a bit cooler and if we do get any sort of cloud cover that's also going to decrease our temperatures.

Monday and Tuesday though are looking quite a bit nicer as temperatures rebound into the 70s and then 80s.

Another cold front will come through Wednesday, although it's not looking severe at this time.

Saturday could be the next day that we're watching for severe weather to come through.