Behind the Scenes: Military plans for Trump Inauguration

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- At noon on January 20th President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn into office. The event will be attended by millions of people and requires months of planning.

The service members working to keep everyone safe are using a 60 foot by 40 foot three-dimensional map that allows members of the military to physically walk the Inauguration route as they plan.

Inside their strategy session members of the military walk from the White House to the Capitol, then back to the White House for the inaugural parade.

“It’s going to be safe. We have the best-trained people that are professionals and we take our jobs very seriously. It’s a lot of hard work,” said Lt. Col. Malik Freeman, DC Army National Guard.

Nearly 8,000 military personnel from 40 states are working alongside 10,000 civilians. They’re charged with making sure the big day goes off without a hitch. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes.

“Maintenance people, fuel people, airlift planners, food service folks, lodging,” said Freeman.

The goal is a peaceful transition of power, but planners aren’t 100 percent sure what that will look like. They’re basing their work on previous inaugurations but there is a possibility that President-elect Trump could ask to do things differently.

“The presidential inaugural committee always has the final say. They are the direct access to President Trump and they are acting on his behalf,” said Master Sgt. Aaron Lovely, US Army.

The president hasn’t chosen a theme for the day yet, and the locations of the official inaugural balls aren’t set, but the team of logistics experts says they’re ready for anything.

“When they have made the decisions on who the participants will be and what our theme is we can support them as much as they need,” said Lovely.

Planners say this is a no fail mission and they expect a flawless execution on Inauguration Day.

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