Bastrop parents upset after school failed to tell them a gun was brought to school

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BASTROP, La. (KNOE) - Concerned parents flooded the Morehouse Parish School Board Friday night demanding answers. They wanted to know how a student brought an empty gun to Morehouse Magnet and the school didn't call them.

"I wasn't notified until after the fact," Pastor Christopher Anderson, a concerned parent, said.

Parents told KNOE their children told them the 3rd grader took the gun out in the classroom. Then, a teacher got word and the acting principal took the gun and called police.

"My child is terrified. Most of the children are having trauma issues right now. They're scared to go to school," Channin Hendrix, a concerned parent, said.

"And then, for them to try and brush this under the rug, then to tell my child, grandchild and niece not to tell us? That's very unacceptable," Lashun Johnson, a concerned parent, said.

So, parents came to Superintendent David Gray. Gray said the school district dropped the ball by not calling parents to let them know what happened and that their children were safe.

"And, I did not fulfill that responsibility and the a parents have my deepest apology for that," Gray said.

He said school leaders, including himself, were out of the office, which is why there was an acting principal in the first place.

"She (the acting principal) sent an e-mail to me asking, but the time I actually talked to her, it was beyond 3:00 p.m. and at that point it was too late to notify parents, kid were already getting home," Gray said.

Some parents said that's not good enough.

"There hasn't been anything done. I shouldn't have had to hear this from my child," Hendrix said.

Gray said they'll look into metal detectors and meet with school leaders Monday to go over policy and protocol.

"I trust the superintendent to get everything done, and I believe he's going to get everything done," Anderson said.

Reporter to Johnson: "Are you all satisfied with what you heard today?"

Johnson: "Hell no. Hell no."

Parents are also demanding the student be expelled. There's no word on if or how the school will punish the student.

Bastrop police said the student was arrested Friday morning.