Barry memes take over Twitter as storm slowly moves inland

(KNOE) - Barry has made landfall and is still expected to dump a lot of rain on Louisiana, but it appears to be taking its time moving inland.

While Barry *is* certainly dumping a lot of rain on parts of south Louisiana, causing flooding and damage across parts of the south, some residents have been less than impressed. As such, a lot of non-coastal residents (and even some coastal residents who haven't been hit hard) are taking to Twitter & Facebook sharing memes while they wait for Barry-related wind and rain to hit their areas.

And since northeast Louisiana is one of the areas Barry is taking its time getting to, here are some of the best/funniest we've seen so far:

You may only get this one if you've seen the irreproachable "Bee Movie."

Even Slidell PD is joining in the fun.

A little rain never bothers us.

Nor the immortal Keith Richards, who, along with the rest of The Rolling Stones, is in New Orleans for a concert.

Although it has been delayed...

Some people are just ready to dig into their hurricane supplies.

And some people are just like, "Barry who?"