Back to school hairstyle

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) Ryheem Lumpkins said he loves spending time with his five-year-old daughter Alicia, but one thing he doesn't enjoy as much is styling her hair.

Alicia, 5, looks at her hairstyle in the mirror.

He said, “Doing Alicia's hair in the morning is, at times, difficult.”

Lumpkins made the task easier by recently taking Alicia to House of Styles Beauty & Barber Shop so she could get a professional look as she prepares for her first day of kindergarten. He wanted to do whatever he could to make sure Alicia was confident when she walked into class for the first time, but confidence seemed to be something Lumkins lacked when asked if he trusts his hair abilities.

He said with laughter, “No, not really,”

House of Styles owner Dorene Bell shows the dad a couple of steps he, and anyone else, can take that will have Alicia's hair looking good in just a few minutes.

Bell explained it only takes three steps with four items: water, a moisture cream, detangling spray, and an edge control. First, spray the hair with water and use a moisture cream to immediately add moisture. Second, add the detangling to make combing and styling the hair easier. Third, add a binding product to keep the hair in place.

Less than 10 minutes after starting, Alicia eagerly jumped out of the chair and ran to a mirror to look at her hair. The five-year-old girl immediately started dancing and jumping with joy, pleased with the results. Her dad was also please with the look and how easy it was to achieve.

Bell is a former hairstyling teacher at Richwood High School and she said she noticed students who look well tend to be less of a problem at school.

She said, “It helps the teachers with behavioral problems. It helps parents because you don't have to worry about bullying or things of that nature.”