Back To Your Roots 2019 Conference

RUSTON, La.- (KNOE) The “Back To Your Roots” conference featured stops at several farms across northeast Louisiana. Like Briarhill Farms in Lincoln Parish. Where proprietor Tom Faber and his wife have livestock, vegetables, chickens and honeybees.

“It opens the eyes of folks just getting into this. Sustainable agriculture living, the homestead lifestyle they’re going to learn a lot of things,” said Tom Faber of Briarhill Farms in Ruston.

They also got to visit Estes Farms where they grow fruits and vegetables hydroponically. And Holly Creek Farm, where the Martin family raises hogs, sheep, hens, and vegetables. Donna Isaacs, the executive director of Campti Field of Dreams and organizer of the conference, says the Back To Your Roots conference is about sharing the importance of growing your own food, something most families did just a generation ago.

“What we’re asking people to do is do what people did a few years ago. We didn’t know how much so and how important food was to the rural economy till it was not anymore,” said Donna Isaacs, Executive Director of Campti Field of Dreams.

There were also numerous classroom workshops featuring experts from all over the country. Like speaker Ben Hartman. A renowned author and operator of Clay Bottom Farm in Indiana. His expertise is lean farming.

“It’s about building efficiency because this is how we’re going to grow our business from a hobby into something that’s going to provide for our local community and create jobs locally,” said Isaacs.

Hartman was one of the main draws for Allison Guidroz who drove 3 and a half hours to get to the conference. Guidroz and her husband operate Fullness Organic Farm in Baton Rouge.

“We wanted to have the best quality food which for us means a lot of different things but a big thing for us is just to have people sit around the dinner people and share a meal with people they love,” said Allison Guidroz, a conference attendee.

“We should be buying our food. Not shipping our food in. and bringing those jobs back here to our community and spending our money here in our local community,” said Donna Isaacs, Campti Field of Dreams.

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