BBB Scam of the week: Warranty postcards and letters

Joann Deal from BBB joins us to discuss the latest scams on vehicle warranty postcards and...
Joann Deal from BBB joins us to discuss the latest scams on vehicle warranty postcards and letters. (Source: KNOE)(KNOE)
Published: Dec. 30, 2019 at 7:52 AM CST
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Joann Deal from the BBB of Monroe joins us to give us the latest details on warranty postcards and letters.

Deal shares a few things to be aware of if warranty postcards and letters appear on your mailbox, urging immediate action involving your car, truck, or SUV.

The message claims the information is important and gives you five business days to call.

Deal says not to call them. It's an old-school pitch with a trail of trouble.

The vehicle alert notices have a long history with state and federal investigators. The bold, large, red font compels people to, CALL IMMEDIATELY. TIME SENSITIVE. YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION IS REQUIRED.

The message suggests you face expensive car repair bills in the future because you won't have warranty coverage.

The Federal Trade Commission says cards like this have tricked people into spending thousands of dollars on extended warranties they either can't use or never get.

According to BBB, postcards and letters usually offer no real information.

The idea is to make the call. There are all kinds of warnings online. BBB research founds that most information leads back to Missouri addresses.

One article from the Washington State Attorney General shows a copy of a mailing that's hugely similar to those hitting local mailboxes this month, but that alert was mailed out 12 years ago.

A major red flag is there's no indication of who it's from. The pre-sorted postage on the current mailer shows it's from Dallas and a second from Missouri.

If you happen to get one of those postcards or letters in the mail, the BBB will do an internet search on all the names, addresses and phone numbers on the printed material while there is little content in the letters.

The attorney general in Missouri has been very involved in Consumer Protection cases for the last ten years in business operating in Missouri.

According to Koster, in 2012, NRRM was formed in the merger of National Dealers Warranty and Auto Warranty Protection Services. The settlement resolves allegations that in operating a call center to offer vehicle breakdown coverage.