BBB Scam of the week: Credit Privacy Number

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 7:50 AM CST
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During this time of year of tax season, many scammers are on the move to manipulate anyone who may not be aware of credit privacy numbers, or CPNs,

Jo Ann Deal from the Butter Business Bureau of Monroe joins us every Monday to give the latest information on how to protect personal information from scammers.

Monday morning’s topic of discussion was credit privacy numbers. CPNs are a nine-digit number that looks just like a social security number. Companies selling CPNs market them as a replacement to SSNs, promoting the idea the CPNs are legitimate.

Deal says those companies are scammers who market CPNs as a way to hide a bad credit history or bankruptcy. If the CPN is used for any credit processing or to file taxes it can lead to prosecution. Anyone who uses CPN is liable, and scammers usually get away without punishment.

To avoid being a victim, do not purchase CPNs.

Some places that sell them can actually be found on social media sites.

On Facebook, CPN scammers message potential victims using the messenger app. Deal also advises avoiding people who advertise tax prep on the streets or on social media.

It's best to select a trusted tax preparer that will protect your information. For more information go to

or call 318-387-4600 to learn more.