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Published: May. 6, 2019 at 8:26 AM CDT
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The popularity of video streaming services has taken off in the past few years. New threats are presenting themselves we understand.

And if you are an Older American you may not know the dangers!!!

FTC Consumer Education Specialist - Alvaro Puig- sent this message May 2 , 2019.

It's become easier to stream video through smart TVs, streaming boxes that connect to your not-so-smart TV, and even streaming sticks.

Unfortunately, there are other apps that let you watch illegal pirated content.

And hackers are using those apps to spread malware.

FTC Consumer Education Specialist - Alvaro Puig- sent this message May 2 , 2019.Here's what you need to know.

What is happening with the pirated sites?

While legal pirated content is nothing new, the landscape is shifting!

FTC alerted you that websites offering free movies and TV shows can infect your computer with malware.

What is being documented is that "Purveyors of pirated content are now spreading apps and add-ons that work with popular streaming devices so that when you download one of these illegal pirate apps or add-ons, the chances are good that you'll also download malware.

If malicious software on the pirate app gets inside your wireless network, it may try to infect other devices connected to your network.

That could put at risk the computer you use for sensitive transactions like online banking or shopping. It could also expose your photos and other personal information.

The malware could allow hackers to:

•Steal your credit card information and sell it to other hackers on the dark web.

•Steal the log in credentials for sites you shop on and go on a spending spree.

•Steal the log in credentials for your bank account and steal your money.

•Use your computer to commit crimes.

How do you know and what to do?

Malware may also make your computer slow or non-responsive, serve pop-up windows or ads, or take you to sites you didn't want to visit.

• If you want to avoid downloading malware when you stream video, don't watch pirated content. Period.

• Not online and not through a video streaming device.

• If you get malware on your computer, update your computer's security software and then run a scan

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