BBB Scam of the Week: New Year Resolutions

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MONROE, La (KNOE) - As we close out 2018 we want to remind our viewers that the mission of BBB is to be the undisputed leader in promoting ethical behavior in the marketplace we have these suggestions for 2019 New Year Resolutions:

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Check BBB before you buy! At we maintain BBB Business Reviews for more than 5 million companies all over North America. Before parting with your money, check out the updated list at

Keep your software updated. Never open email attachments or click on links from unknown senders or even from known contacts that look questionable. It just takes one email, phone call or text message to verify if a trusted contact really sent you an attachment or not. Consider a password manager protection program.

Read the fine print. Whether it is on paper or on screen, read before clicking "I Agree." The BBB reports that many of their complaints come from customers who sign up for a free trial or a promo offer and end up with months of grief.

Get everything in writing. In this day and age, verbal agreements are difficult to remember. Therefore, writing all contracts on paper and signing them will make things easier for both parties and prevent any misunderstanding in the long run.

Get ROBOCALL BLOCKING on all landlines and cell phones The IRS, SSA, Government Grants will not call you or call to tell you that you are being arrested.

Never wire money to someone you don't know. Money wire services such as Western Union, MoneyGram, and Green Dot MoneyPak are favorites of scammers as they are extremely difficult to track. Chances are, once you wire that cash, you'll never see it again.

Fight personal information theft. Freeze your Social Security Number if you are not buying a car or a home any time soon! Then keep it frozen when you are not making major purchases! Shred all documents that contain your financial information and details such as your name, addresses, and the like. Also, wipe out and dispose of all your old computers, laptops and mobile phones that contain a wealth of information that can be used to steal your identity.

BBB invites all financial Institutions and all law enforcement to the FBI Cryptocurrency Update with FBI Agent Dave Ellis! That training will take place Thursday, January 17, 2019, at FISC Financial Institution Service Center at 9:30! BBB is one of your best friends to protect Business Owners and Consumers against fraud! Use the Dispute Resolutions System to file a complaint or log into BBB Scam Tracker to tell others about scams to avoid! And if your club or organization needs a speaker BBB will be there!