BASF brings in clothing designers from all over the world for the 'Farm to Fashion' tour.

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VIDALIA, La - (KNOE) You may not give a lot of thought to where your next pair of jeans will come from. But these people do. This group is made up of top clothing designers from all over the world.

Jennifer Crumpler with BASF speaks to a group of clothing designers at the new Vidalia Mills textile plant.

“You’ve got 40 plus brands. The top senior VP level. The top designers the people making the decisions and never has that happened for people to come together for three days,” said Jennifer Crumpler with BASF e3 cotton.

So BASF’s e-3 cotton team brought these fashion execs to the new Vidalia Mills textile plant in Concordia Parish.

“We have a really great sustainability model of locally sourced cotton and one of the most environmentally up to date mills in the world really redefining how you can make denim and really make a minimal impact,” said Dan Feibus, CEO of Vidalia Mills.

“It’s environmentally friendly, it’s economically viable and it’s equitable,” said Crumpler.

“We’re passionate about American cotton. We’re passionate about BASF’s e3 program which gets complete transparency and accountability through the supply chain,” said Feibus.

Most of these fashion folks have never stepped foot on a farm. So they were taken to a cotton field in neighboring Tensas parish. For clothing entrepreneur Matt Eddmenson with the Imogene and Willie Brand out of Nashville, it was an eye opening experience.

“To see everything first-hand puts it all in perspective. We are always looking for ways to improve upon the old ways. That’s a state of the art facility and it’s the only purpose in creating it is to look at the sustainability component,” said Matt Eddmenson co-founder of Imogene + Willie clothing.

“When we think about sustainability we don’t think about just one piece of the process whether it’s just the mill or the farmer planting. We think about the whole process and the whole thing of it,” said Crumpler.

“Besides the sustainability aspect, this new plant will also bring 600 jobs to the MS delta area. In Vidalia.