29-year-old mom of 5 opens fire on kids' father & pregnant new GF

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BATON ROUGE, La. (KNOE) - Authorities say when a Louisiana woman ran into the father of her five children & his new girlfriend, she lost it. When he told her they were expecting a baby, she pulled out a gun.

Baton Rouge Police say the 29-year-old mother of five Audrey Delone and her sister, 31-year-old Ashley Delone Allen, were arrested in connection with the violent attack that happened on Dec. 6th.

Police say on that day, Delone and Allen bumped into Delone's ex and his girlfriend while at a grocery store. A fight ensued. Police say the father of five (soon to be six) took his new girlfriend (six months pregnant at the time) and tried to get away from the spurned Delone (not happy about being replaced) and her alleged accomplice Allen (sisters before misters), but police say the two aggressors gave chase.

With Allen behind the wheel and keeping pace with the victims' vehicle, Delone allegedly pulled out a gun, pointed it at the other vehicle, and was close enough that the couple said they felt threatened.

When the couple reached their home, the sisters were right behind them. They attempted to run inside, but police say their female pursuers were too close. Police say a relentless Audrey Delone was rushing at the pregnant woman before her target could get out of the boyfriend's / Delone's exes' car.

Police say it was at this time the father of five / ex-boyfriend tried once again to protect his new 'old lady' from his old 'old lady'. He made the mistake of trying to reason with an enraged ex and made the even greater mistake of *how* he chose to reason with her: by revealing that his current girlfriend was with child.

Police say that's when Audrey Delone opened fire.

And missed.

Now Audrey Delone faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault with a firearm and illegal use of weapons. Her sister, Ashley Allen faces charges of attempted murder and simple battery.

The ex-boyfriend told police he and Delone were together for 15 years and have five children together.