April is Financial Literacy Month

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MONROE, La (KNOE) - What are some good things to do to celebrate financial literacy month?
Read, read, read. Contact your local library about checking out some good books that can teach you how to successfully manage your finances. Two great authors that teach about money are Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan.
What are some financial tools that you teach?
1. I teach people about Budgeting and how to spend every dollar on paper, on purpose, before the month begins.
2. The Envelope System
3. Saving for Non-Monthly Expenses such as Christmas, clothes, vacation and oil changes.
4. Retirement and Investing
Which items do you recommend paying for with cash?
We recommend that you set aside a certain amount of $ each week for Groceries, Weekend, Me Money (M-F) and Fuel. This helps you stay on budget and when the $ is gone, it's gone. The envelope does not get refilled until the next paycheck is received.
What is the name of your book and what else do you talk about in your book?
My book is Debt-Free & Wealthy, One Dollar at a Time and I talk about social security, LTC and Medicare and how it works.
A copy can be purchased from Amazon, my website at www.DebtFreeWithKelly.com, or the Blessings Bookstore in West Monroe.
When is your next Debt-Free & Wealthy Live Event?
Saturday, May 4th, at 10:00 a.m. at Grace United Methodist Church in Ruston