A new program is moving people out of their flood-prone home, into a new one

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LOUISIANA (KNOE) - The Office of Community Development launched a new program Monday. It's called the Restore LA. Buyout and Resilient Housing Program. It's just another way the state is trying to help those who were affected by the 2016 flood.

More than 450 eligible homeowners have already received something in the mail or e-mail about the program. They have the option of selling the home but have to rent or buy another one that sits outside the flood hazard area.

After that, officials with the program said they would tear down the house and make it an open green space.

"We also help reduce flood risk for other people in the floodplain because you've reduced the structure that is filling the floodplain up. There's no match required for this," said Pat Forbes, the executive director of the Office of Community Development. "And their fair market value of the home they own in the floodway is not adequate to help them get a new home in the adjoining area; we can add a housing benefit to that."

There are 23 homes in Ouachita Parish that are eligible. Those who weren't contacted, but are in the Restore La program can still look into the program.

To learn more, visit http://restore.la.gov/solution-4/.