A look inside school security

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Ouachita Parish Schools Superintendent Don Coker says Tuesday’s shooting in Kentucky is a reminder that it can happen anywhere.

When it comes to security at West Monroe High School, assistant principal Dan Lane feels confident.

"We would much rather prevent a school shooting or school crisis than having to respond to one,” Lane says, which is why they have resources in place.

"We monitor live over 300 camera images across campus," he says.

The security cameras are monitored all day, every day by the school's resource officers.

Lane says, "Resource officers are there to assist any student with whatever need they come forward with."

The officers that aren't watching cameras are just about everywhere else, from the halls to the parking lot.

"You want your students to know that you're everywhere,” Lane says. “Your students need to know that there's an authority that can come around the corner at any minute."

But, it's not to make the students feel trapped. They want the opposite.

"The administration and the faculty need to have a relationship with the students," Lane says. "Students need to feel like they can speak to an adult when something needs attention."

And Lane believes they've achieved that relationship, because he says most important information actually comes from the students.

"If they see something that looks out of order, with a person or some type of behavior, they know to report it," he says.

He says keeping schools safe takes a community. "Bus drivers, cafeteria workers, maintenance staff, they all know they may be the eyes and ears that get a kid help."