Monroe church reacts to deputy shooting

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MONROE, La, (KNOE) - Members of Church of Jesus say they still have to come to service, even if there is violence in the area.

"It's time for it to stop," said Bishop Robert Meadows.

Meadows says he's fed up with crime. His church sits on Burg Jones Lane in Monroe, just a half mile from where a Ouachita Parish deputy was shot Saturday night.

"Our daughter called us and said everything was backed up on Burg Jones Lane," Meadows said.

But the news didn't stop him from going to church. On Sunday morning, Meadows prayed for the people involved. He says he's glad the deputy is okay.

"I was relieved, said Meadows. “I really was because you don't want to see anyone hurt, damaged, or killed."

The shooting happened after a four-wheeler theft in that south Monroe neighborhood.

Meadows wife, Essie, says poverty is the reason behind crimes here.

"It's so many people that don't have and can't get,” Essie Meadows said. “Most people around here either they don't have a job. You know, it's Christmas time, people are going to do a lot of things to get money now."

The Bishop says the community needs to come together.

"There's violence around us,” Meadows said. “There's violence on all sides of this city. The policemen, the civilians all come together in unity and understanding and see can we get this thing right before this city, the twin cities become chaos."

He says growing closer to God is the only way the violence will stop.