A Grambling Man: Broderick Fobbs

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(KNOE 8 Sports) - When Grambling hired Broderick Fobbs in December 2013, the Tigers came off a season where they went through more head coaches than they had wins. As KNOE's Patrick Clay tells us, those days are behind this rich football program, thanks in large part to Fobbs, a true Grambling man.

It wasn't too long ago Broderick Fobbs dashed through defenders as a Grambling running back and two-time team captain in the 1990s, even if the Tigers head coach sticks to roaming the sidelines these days.

"No way, no way can I do any of this now." Fobbs joked upon seeing footage from his playing days. "I'm basically a jogger now."

Seeing the footage from nearly two decades ago provided a trip down memory lane for Fobbs, who grew up a lifelong fan of Grambling football. When it was time to pick a college to attend, he followed in the footsteps of his father, Lee Fobbs, and play for the legendary Eddie G. Robinson.

"You grow up and your father played for Coach Robinson, and then you're able to play for Coach Robinson, and then you're able to coach at the same school - that's very unique," Fobbs said of his Grambling journey. "That doesn't happen too often, so I feel I'm very blessed because of that."

For a school that gave so much to Fobbs, he didn't take long to return the favor, winning 16 games over his first two seasons as head coach and bringing the Tigers to their first SWAC Championship Game since 2011.

"I've always wanted to be the best in coaching and Grambling is a place that has been the best," Fobbs said. "So of course, being here at Grambling is a place that I've always wanted to be."

Fobbs doesn't need a history lesson on Grambling's storied past, and he isn't shy about upholding the tradition about those who came before him.

"I look for their approval," Fobbs said of past Grambling legends. "If they're saying I'm doing a good job, then I believe I am."

When asked if those of Tiger lore say he is doing a good job, Fobbs smiled.

"They are," Fobbs said. "They are, but we still have to complete the task."

This offseason, ULM interviewed Fobbs for their vacant coaching position before choosing Matt Viator out of McNeese State University. Considering his age and quick turnaround of the Grambling program, they probably will not be the only school knocking on Fobbs' door. However, Fobbs says he is not looking for a stepping stone, that this relationship goes beyond that of a coach and his program."

"I'll never say never, but I enjoy being home and if this where the good Lord wants me to be, I'll be here forever as long as he wants me here," Fobbs said.