7th Annual Red, White & Blue race goes virtual this year

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - The 7th Annual Red, White & Blue 5k/1k race is going virtual this year due to COVID-19. But, it’s something organizers are still just as excited for.

"Instead of having an event at Chennault museum, we want you to celebrate on your own this year. Wrap yourself in red, white, and blue, get your flag out,” says Joe Lane, one of the race coordinators. “You can walk, you can run, you can celebrate at a cookout in your backyard, on your front porch, however you want to, we want you to celebrate America your way."

You can take part in the event Saturday through Memorial Day. Whether you plan to lace up your shoes or kick back at home, they ask that you post your celebration to their ‘Run for the Red, White & Blue’ Facebook page.

"We'd like for you to share with us, 'why'd you decide to participate this year'? Are you doing it in memory of someone or in honor of someone? Or would you like to maybe just share with us a word of support to our military personnel and maybe to our healthcare personnel as well this year."

Lane says this is a great way to show your patriotism, but also a way for us to be together in a socially distant world.

"And what we're challenging folks to do, think of something different and special that's really meaningful to you and we say that for veterans as well,” explains Lane. “Share something as a veteran or whatever and post that, it could be a really meaningful thing to a lot of people."

Registration is $25 and all the proceeds go toward the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum in Monroe. From preserving Louisiana’s military history to helping veterans, the museum is a big part of this community.

"Maybe the most important thing they do are the literally hundreds or thousands of young people that they have come through there every year,” says Lane. “They get to see heroes in action so to speak, and they realize you know that heroes don't wear capes."

He says doing a virtual race still gives people a way to celebrate Memorial Day, but it’s also a way of reminding the youth about the sacrifices our veterans and active service men and women have made.

"Freedom is not free, and every generation is responsible for the freedom of our nation, so I think doing it this way, doing it a little bit different as we're doing it this year, I think we can get - like you say - a whole new demographic involved,” says Lane.

You can register to participate in the race until Monday, May 25th.

Register for the virtual race here.

Post how you’re celebrating patriotism this weekend on the Run for the Red, White & Blue Facebook Page.