Krewe of Janus parade preparations underway

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MONROE,La. (KNOE)- The Krewe of Janus will throw a Mardi Gras celebration “fit for a queen” Saturday. This year’s theme is “The Magic of Fairytales.”

This year’s “Queen of Janus,” Donna Tolar said that being a part of the parade is only the icing on top of her role.

“We went to a library this week that was really enjoyable, and met people in the community, so that’s the fun part. And then you get on that float and that really, that really tops it off,” said Tolar.

People may see the floats and overestimate the magic behind it, but KOJ captain Lori White said it doesn’t happen overnight.

“Getting the parade ready, is 365 days, but we start working on floats in the summertime. If there’s any repairs that need to be made, our theme comes out, we start getting ready,” said captain White.

It will be a day the whole family will enjoy, and for kids who want to catch beads, King of Janus, Tony Adams, said there’s a special way to catch his eye.

“Come dressed in a costume because when we see costumes, it lets us know that you’re having a good time, enjoying yourself, and it makes us wanna throw that many more beads,” said Adams

But above all else, Captain White said, safety comes first.

“You’re not having to worry about a kid getting pushed under a float. We have walkers on the sides, with ropes, to make sure this doesn’t happen. Safety, safety, safety,” said Captain White.

Major David May from the West Monroe Police department stressed some safety rules and regulations he thinks people should know. He suggests that people travel in groups at the parade, especially if going with children.

For children, parents are advised to leave a name and contact number in the child’s pocket in case they get separated.

As for street closures, Natchitoches Street and Louisville Avenue, as well as Louisville Bridge will be shut down at 6 p.m. No driving, walking, or standing, will be allowed on Louisville Bridge during the parade.

West Monroe has not lifted the open container ordinance, meaning that drinking will not be permitted in West Monroe. Drinking will be allowed in Monroe.

The parade kicks off Saturday evening at 6 p.m. It will start at Natchitoches Street, travel up Trenton Street and Louisville Avenue, and ends at Oliver Road.