Mississippi Chick-fil-A worker's quiet act of kindness goes viral

Man posts about act of kindness at Jackson Chick-fil-A; Source: Robert Gooch
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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A man waiting for his order at a Jackson Chick-Fil-A noticed a quiet act of kindness and decided to share on social media what he witnessed.

Robert Gooch was picking up lunch for a doctor's office and said he noticed a man who appeared to be homeless walk up to the Chick-Fil-A cashier with a $5 bill.

The man told the cashier this was all the money he had and asked what he could get with the $5.

The worker quietly told the man breakfast was on her and proceeded to take his order.

This quiet act of kindness noticed by a stranger moved him to post on social media. What she did in three minutes spoke a thousand words and reminded Gooch of the kindness and good people still in the world.

Gooch posted how the employee could have easily turned around and asked a manager to step in, but instead she simply paid for the man's meal.

"I've been in customer service for a long time. I've been through some of the best training's such as Dale Carnegie and yet a girl name Karina in a Chick-fil-A in Jackson, MS in a 3 minute conversation with a customer has managed to teach me the value of humility and taking care of your customers. It's not just the nuggets that make this place successful. It's people like Karina. "

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