50+ people arrested for meth, crack, PCP, cocaine, ecstasy in West Monroe & Monroe area in 2 weeks

The dots and lines indicate where drug arrests were made. The red circles indicate neighborhoods associated with the arrestees over the two week period. Dollar signs ($) indicate this suspect was arrested for intent to distribute or manufacture. | Arrests made from April 1st, 2018 to April 15th, 2018.
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OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE) - At least 51 people were arrested and booked into the Ouachita Parish Correctional Center on certain drug charges over a two week period, according to public data available on the correctional center's website.

10 of those people are accused of dealing or making those illegal drugs.


KNOE looked at a span of time from April 1st to April 15th in 2018 and cataloged every booking on charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance schedule I or II drugs, aside from marijuana. These include methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, PCP, and ecstasy.

Due to the shifting perception of marijuana in the United States and the various levels of legality from state to state, KNOE did not include marijuana in the numbers. We also did not count arrests for incidents that happened before April 1st. Everyone who was counted allegedly committed the crime between the dates of April 1st and April 15th.


Of the 51 people arrested, we found that more people were arrested for possession of meth than any other illegal drug in Ouachita Parish.

These are the numbers of arrests per illegal drug:

37 Meth Arrests
5 Ecstasy Arrests
4 Cocaine Arrests
4 Crack Arrests
3 PCP Arrests
2 Unidentified CDS II Arrests

(Note: The numbers add up to 55 because 2 people were arrested for two drugs and 1 person was arrested for three.)

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KNOE also cataloged where each arrest was made along with the home address the arrestee gave to authorities. We used this data to create the map included in this article to give readers a visual representation of where drug busts are being made and which neighborhoods have an illegal drug presence.

To protect the identities of the innocent, the map gives only an approximation of these locations. No specific addresses are shown here.

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The attached PDF is a list of the data used to create the map.
It indicates each drug a suspect was charged with possessing, followed by the date of their arrest, their race, gender and year of birth (for statistical purposes) along with where they were arrested and, finally, the street on which they live.

A few more points of data regarding the arrests:

31 arrests were made on the West Monroe side of the Ouachita River and 18 arrests were made on the Monroe side of the Ouachita River, though not necessarily within city limits. Data was missing for the other 2 arrests.

8 addresses were associated with the 10 people who were charged with some form of intent to distribute or manufacture illegal narcotics. Of these 8 addresses, 7 were on the north side of Interstate 20 and 1 was on the south side.

Involved with the arrests were officers with: Monroe Police Department, West Monroe Police Department, Metro Narcotics Unit, Louisiana State Police, Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana Delta Community College Police and Probation and Parole.

$ - Indicates this suspect was arrested for intent to distribute or manufacture. It is used on the map and on the PDF. In two instances, multiple arrestees shared the same address, so only 8 $ symbols are on the map.